Condo complex in Davie, FL with healthy fertilized lawn and landscaping.
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Fertilization Services

Lawn, landscaping and tree fertilization in Davie, FL and surrounding areas.

Fertilizing services for lawns, landscaping and trees on your commercial, HOA or condo property in Southeast Florida.

Serving businesses around Davie, FL and beyond, BTS Land Services Corp is happy to be your full-service commercial fertilization company. Fertilization is one of our specialties. Rely on our professionals to assess your lawn and landscape needs, then determine the right amount, type and frequency of fertilizer necessary to get lush, green, healthy grass and plants. There are many factors to consider when applying fertilizer, such as the distinction between fertilizing new lawns vs. fertilizing established lawns. There are also different types of fertilizer for grass, shrubs, flowers and palm trees. Every property is different and what works for the store across the street, may not work for your doctor's office.

Fertilizer is generally made up of three major nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Nitrogen makes grass and plants grow thick with vibrant color, while phosphorus stimulates root growth and development of seeds; potassium guards against disease and drought. That last one is especially important in Southeast Florida where we can experience droughts quite frequently.

Fertilized grass and plants at retail store in Davie, FL.

What are the benefits of fertilization?

Regular feedings are required for your lawn, landscaping and trees. Water is essential, yes, but most types of grass and plants need that extra special boost to keep them looking healthy, and the solution is fertilizer. Not just any type of fertilizer will do either. Our experts can come out to assess your property and needs, then advise on the best course of action. Using fertilizer on your grass and plants has many benefits, here is what fertilizer can do:

  • Retain nutrients
  • Withstand the stress of weeds, heat, drought and foot traffic
  • Stay greener, longer and more affordably
  • Keep disease at bay
  • Look great for customers
  • Stay consistent, with no bare or brown patches

Generally, we recommend applying fertilizer quarterly, but again, this will depend on each individual lawn and landscape. If you're located between West Palm Beach and Miami, then you're in our service area! We're located in Davie, FL. Give us a call at (954) 998-1333 or complete our online form to get an estimate for your fertilization needs.

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